Thursday, June 9, 2011

10 Trees

Just a few months ago, we received a letter from the Arbor Day Foundation. They asked us for a $10 donation and we would receive 10 baby blue spruce trees (say that ten times fast). We waited...and we waited...we waited...we received a letter saying they were coming in planting season...and we waited...and finally the day came and I found this long white bag in our mailbox.

I can't say that i have ever had a tree mailed to me and expected it to fit in my mailbox. Well whatever I just went with it and took them in to show Tiffany. We were both excited however I was less excited to be planting the tree that night in the dark. Due to my unfortunate desire to sleep at that moment, we didn't quite get to planting our tree for a few days. It lay on top of the freezer in our cool basement as the instructions said they could.

Finally the day came and I was able to plant our trees. I had picked up a shovel and rake at Walmart the night before and was ready to start gardening. Yes i finally passed by the chicken wire fence in our backyard to actually break soil.  I opened the bag and realized that I didn't have just one tree in that bag; I had all ten trees wrapped up in a rubber band including 1 tree that must have been the ugly duckling of the group since it didn't look like a Blue Spruce. they looked like they were on their way to dying but I still planted in hope that we might see these spruces rise up to become Christmas trees and a wind block for our backyard.  I then planted the ugly duckling tree hoping that something nice would come out of it, gave them some water and prayed that God would grow them in spite of my inability to plant them when they came in. I suppose he is the one who makes them grow.

So now only time will tell.

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