Monday, June 13, 2011

Psychological Restructuring

I have been thinking of some things are slightly beyond my reach or education but seem quite interesting to me. My question: Does someone who is always scraping for more money, more space, more time, more of anything we think we need more of, stop asking for more when they receive more?

More Money!
I can look at this because I have seen it in my own life and still struggle with this. Here are some of the symptoms of this particular issue. Generally it will start out with I need more money! I can't afford my bills! I can barely keep the rent! I need another credit card! After stating these things this person will justify why they deserve a new car or why they should eat out tonight or why they need a vacation.

These things are not bad things and some times extremely necessary, but other measure should be taken if rent isn't taken care of.

My thought, you will never have enough money because if you were to receive a raise or more money you would simply find something else to spend it on and be as broke as you were before

More Space!
Ok yes there are people who have five kids and need to get out of the trailer and find a house for Pete's sake, but I am curious what a hoarder would do if they were given more space. If you take a hoarder out of a 1 room apartment and put them in a tri-level home with 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, a kitchen and a kitchenette, my guess is that it will only take longer for the hoarder to fill every single one of those rooms with the latest garage sales items, newest deals or whatever else they may come across.

More Time!
This perhaps is one of my hangups. I am always struggling to find time to do something else and never feel like I have enough to do everything I would like to do. Yes much of that has to do with things taking priority. If someone like me is given more time to do something (you are finally given a day off work) what do you do with your time? A person who is always looking for time to do something like mow the lawn may find that they are giving a little to much time over to the movie section of the schedule.

I am coming to realize that if you want to experience more, your brain needs to be restructured. Its much better to look at your money situation and stop spending it on useless things and whala you have more money. It's much better to look at your space and get rid of the unnecessary junk and you all of a sudden space to make a room into a home office. Start to schedule your time and it doesn't get scheduled for you and you also are much less likely to waste it since you now have a visual perspective of your time.

This seems so simple and yet gets so complicated in everyday life. It gets even more complicated when it no longer only envelopes you but involves multiple people such as in a church or business. A mindset that is intentional about these things will always have more, and more to offer.

Answer to my previous question: Only a person who has learned to be intentional with resources will ever stop asking for more.

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