Monday, August 1, 2011

The Glass Ceiling

Being in the youth group has been a way of life ever since I was old enough to go to youth group. I remember watching all the cool teenagers get to go do cool things like play basketball games, turn all the lights out and play sardines, and on and on it goes. It got even better when I moved to Casper, Wyoming because all of a sudden, I had friends around me who were my age and loved Jesus as much as I did.

I remember in youth group watching Justin Limmer and wanting to do what he does with the youth. After graduating high school, several of us still wanted to come to youth group. Justin brought a few of us on to help him lead in the youth group and here I am 9 years later still in the youth group and loving it! I still love teenagers and love hanging out with them.

There is a certain problem that is presenting itself to me right now. It's a glass ceiling. I was praying this morning and saw four of us in the youth group standing on our tip-toes, reaching as far up as we could to press this glass ceiling as high as possible. Light penetrated through the glass ceiling as light would come through a window. The glass ceiling had a few cracks and holes in it.

On the other side of the glass, I saw different words coming down to the teenagers, and some of it would trickle through the cracks and holes in the glass, but in general it would bounce around above us.

The glass ceiling is set of mindsets which puts a limit on what we can do and where we can go. The leaders holding the glass ceiling are doing their best to lift the roof but its wearing them out and the ceiling is still there. We are still walking in the light but we have limits to how much we can experience God and really understand what he wants to do with us. The cracks and holes in the glass are the points at which God has shown us where our thinking needed to change and we would attempt to break through.

You might only feel the reality of this if you understood the promises that God has given C110 (the name of our youth group at Restoration Church). He has promised us 250 teenagers who love Jesus with all their hearts. We currently have a group of 10 to 15 kids who love Jesus with all their hearts, but who need to see break through.

It is cool to see things like this because if you see a problem you can begin to search for a solution. These teenagers are so hungry for God that they will not settle to live under a glass ceiling with trickles and little experiences in God's presence. Lord take the limits off!

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  1. Thank you for sharing that awesome vision from the Lord. It's always exciting to hear how he can speak in so many venues. I picked up a book by Keith Green the other day. It described an encounter with the Holy Spirit experienced hy one of the older great men of God. In essence, the Holy Spirit told Him that He would empower and indwell Him only of he ridded himself of "self." It wasn't sin, it was self. It took the man some time to work through that, but he ended up in a powerful ministry that extended to Africa and another ocuntry. Thanks again, for sharing. :D