Friday, September 2, 2011

App to know your family is safe

Ok I am not so sure I am all about kids under the age of 10 having smart phones, but since everyone is doing it any way I figure there is an added bonus for knowing where and how your family is doing. I found this amazing app on my Droid the other day. There is also an app available for the iphone. It is an app that allows you to track where your family is at, at any time.

It's called Life360! Here is how it works. You create a free account either on your smart phone or on You install the app on each of the family member's phones, or evidently you can buy a GPS tracker from Life360. You then enable the device to be tracked. You can check anytime to see where they are at.

Another feature I found amazing is that you can send a request to a family member to check-in. They send a response to let you know they are safe or that they need help.

The Life360 app will show icons of where know sex offenders are living, so that you can be aware of what's going on around your neighborhood.

One final bonus is that you should at least be able to narrow down where your phone is if you lose it.

I don't usually write my blog to promote or sell anything, but in the interest of protecting and watching over your family, I really felt like many husbands, wives, parents would really appreciate this.

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