Thursday, September 15, 2011

How He Loves His Bride

Thanya Castellon at City Youth United
So there I was at City Youth United last night (Wednesday, September 14), which is probably one of the most exciting things I get to do every month. It's so unique in the way that we currently have 5 different youth groups and their leaders who come together one Wednesday a month to experience the presence of God, and generally experience an atmosphere of a much larger group of teenagers opposed to just meeting as separate youth groups. All that just to explain where I was.

I was standing in the middle of worship last night as a flood of thoughts and emotions started racing through me. Part of it was the great realization the people actually read my blog after speaking with Thanya Castellon :), and part of it was the fact that God was speaking simple truths into my heart.
My Beautiful Wife Tiffany, Myself and Joe

I don't really like to write about marriage due to the fact that I haven't been married near long enough to talk to anyone about how to be married. I did feel however that God spoke to me sound wisdom about my own marriage that you are free to share if you like. On the day that I married my amazingly beautiful wife, I spoke something very bold which I know I can only fulfill while God gives me supernatural ability. I vowed to her "I will love you as Christ loves the church". I remember that and also remind my wife of that every now and then. Last night Jesus asked me, "Do you know how I love my church, Adam?". It struck me as being so absurd that I hadn't thought about it before.

One thing some of you know about me, but some maybe don't is that Song of Solomon is my favorite book in the Bible. Probably one of my favorite ways to look at it is from the point of view of how Jesus loves me, but it occurred to me that if I can begin to see the passionate way that Jesus loves, not only the individual, but the way he loves His church, I can truly begin to understand how I can love my wife.

How does Jesus protect His church?
How does Jesus provide for His church?
What does it look like when Jesus is intimate with His church?
How does Jesus serve His church?
How does Jesus pray for His church

All these questions make me think that the typical husband probably could learn a lot from Jesus. I tend to think that no matter how good a husband is, he looks pretty pathetic next to the way Jesus loves His church.

I have seen people who have a better understanding of the romance between Jesus and his church and these people are always the most attractive to me. They are the ones who long for Jesus' appearance. They are the ones who will say something bold in the interest of helping someone see how much Jesus loves them.

All this to say there is something about seeing how Jesus loves his church that develops passion to love the same way.

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