Friday, September 23, 2011

Please Stand Up

We live in the best nation in the world where we have freedom that the rest of the world only dreams of. I pay my taxes faithfully because I know that many people serve our country. I honor the man who is in the seat of the president right now not because I agree with him, but because he is president of our nation.

Because of freedom, honor, and duty as a citizen of the United States, I request that our president would be upfront and honest concerning the Solyndra Scandal. I have been watching the hearings and the news and seeing the high level executives of Solyndra make excuses, and refuse to answer questions of the congress because of the great irresponsibility played out in this situation.

The Obama administration approved a loan of a half a billion dollars of tax dollars to be granted to this company only a few days after taking office. There were red flags concerning this situation. The Bush administration denied this loan. There are some obvious blunders involved here, so here is my plea:

Will those who are responsible, please stand up and admit where you are wrong?

Your humility in this situation will be better for you and for the nation.

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