Friday, November 25, 2011

The man who saved Christmas

I don't usually blog about movies but I saw one that absolutely rocked my socks off. The movie is called the man who saved Christmas.

It starts with a man who had a dream to bring joy to children through magic tricks but especially with a new toy idea that he created. The toy is basically a first version of kits that allow kids to build planes cities or anything you can think of. He is urged by his father to return to his profession as a doctor. However the dream in his heart is to bring joy to children in the age of the great depression and world war 2.

Amazingly enough the war progresses and the government requests that he turn his factory into a weapons factory for the war. Its seems small and the man is guilt laden to do as the government asks so he reluctantly gave in.

Later the government approaches him again and asks him to promote cancelling christmas in the interest of having people buy war bonds. Again he feels the urge to support his country but feels something die in him even as he tells other toy makers about the resolution.

He hated it even as he realized his dream was dying. There is nothing in the Bible that says you have to celebrate Christmas. There are many other people who have celebrated Christmas in pagan fashion. There was every reason to not celebrate Christmas for the people during the war. The soldiers didn't get to celebrate Christmas. They needed money raised for the war. People said that boys don't need toys while their fathers are out fighting the war.

The man soon realizes how the life inside of him.  His brother may be dead while in the war. His employees are at their lowest morale. He has an inspirational moment and realizes the importance of toys and their value to a child.

He goes back to Washington and pleads to take back his dream and make sure that christmas doesn't go uncelebrated.

I know sometimes this time of year is hard for some people. I know that some have their reasons for why they don't need celebrate it. I am writing this for the idea that people need something to celebrate. Jesus is the biggest reason to celebrate. I can't thank him enough. But in every house, don't forget to celebrate. Celebration is part of the joy that makes the hardship of life endurable. Celebration and presents bring love and joy to people if given from the spirit of love.

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