Friday, August 17, 2012

What Do I Say?

Lately, I have noticed some major trends that have been emerging from the news, the opinions of those in Social networks. I have seen the issues concerning Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous. I have seen the issues with Chic-Fil-A. Among these issues, I have tried to keep my view silent. I would sit at my computer almost enraged at the views of some people. I would then calm down for a moment and think, anything I have to say right now, probably won't be beneficial to anyone and will instead create more controversy than I am willing to engage in. So after watching some major things emerge in the last 10 months, I have one question that is eating at me:

What do I say when People are mass producing a lie?

Who is your Enemy?

The Bridge over the River Kwai
Whenever you are fighting you ought to know with whom you are at war. Have any of you seen the movie "The Bridge over the River Kwai"? (No I promise I'm not ADD, I am simply presenting an example of what I am about to say.) It is a great classic which I think every man (and women who like a good WWII flick) should see. The entire movie is about a platoon of British soldiers who have become Prisoners of War in a Japanese camp on a Pacific island. The Colonel of the British platoon is an A type personality who abides by the rules and will die to make sure that everyone else does as well. It is his goal in the camp that everyone who has been captured feels like they are working their hardest to be a British soldier and show the Japanese the quality that a British Soldier can produce. In doing this, he begins to get used to the life in the camp. 

One day, a special team from the British and American forces are assigned to blow up the sturdy bridge which the captured British soldiers have been building for the Japanese. Upon almost blowing up the bridge, the Colonel of the POW camp sees that they are trying to blow up the bridge and tries to stop them because he has been under the influence of his enemy for so long that he forgets who his enemy is.

It is so hard not to judge and say harsh things about people who stand up for things that are Biblically and morally wrong in the name of tolerance and love. However, it is important to remember that these people are merely prisoners of war and have been taught to think like this and have been working in the enemy's service long enough that they do not understand what they are saying.

Conclusion: People are not your Enemy

Words aren't Enough

First of all, I can't stress enough how many battles I have seen people attempt to fight with words. I listen back and forth to political conversations and what people believe and think, Seriously, I don't even want to be involved, but then that thing that says, but what if the only ones to speak up are those who are promoting the enemy? What if Lesbians, Homosexuals, and anarchists are left to run the show if we say nothing?

I often wonder what would happen if we prayed every time something big comes from the media. Whether it is true or not, people are starting to believe some of the things that are being said. I don't believe our prayers should look like, "God please do something!", but "God what do You want me to do?" We need to find out His perspective because it is perfect. The world is fighting dirty, because their captors have taught them to do so, but Father God knows how to set them free and open their eyes to see who they are. 

But we have to say something!

Yes I agree, we really do need to say something not because we need to defend our cause, but because public opinion is overwhelming in individual thought. If there is only one idea that is being mass produced even if it is a lie, people will believe it. We have to speak the truth, but if we speak out of personal defense and offense, it will only anger people and push them farther away from Jesus. 

The Goal

Our goal as Christians is not to fight against the factions of sin that are trying to gain control of our government. We think when we are opposed that we have to fight them because our emotions are stirred up to fight. It is hard because we want so badly to defend our cause. Prayer first and foremost is effective in the fight. Second, after praying, we can speak with the heart of God toward people and I believe that it will not be received as hate as some have believed Christians do. They will see nothing but the loving heart of God. The enemy may be able to twist it in their minds, but the word of God spoken in love will always be effective.

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