Monday, January 13, 2014

Invited to the Table

I was standing in the presence of God I  a way I hadn't in a while.  Jesus said it has been a while since you sat at my table son. Come in with me.

I came in to the great banquet hall and saw a table that stretched all the way down the enormous palatial room. Seemed like there were hundreds of chairs.

Then Jesus opened my eyes, and the banquet appeared across the table with a feast so delectable I couldn't believe it. There were foods I have never seen before.

Jesus said sit and eat. So I sat down and tore a leg off a piece of meat and ate into it. It was the best food I had ever tasted, and the privilege of sitting at the kings table was overwhelming me. I couldn't help noticing all the empty chairs at the table. I was uncomfortable at this because I really felt I like I should be eating with family and friends.

Jesus knew what I was thinking, and he said, "son you need to invite them to the table". 

I had a couple stories come to mind.  One was the wedding feast parable. Many people were invited to come but the first group was unworthy.  So the blind deaf mute lame and lepers were invited to come to the feast to share in the happiness of the king.

I thought about the lame, deaf and blind and it reminded me of the story of  Mephibosheth. He was a king's son who was disinherited and lame in both legs.  He was living in Lo Debar,  a one horse town with nothing to do. He was humbled and had no hope of coming to the Kings table.  He was living his life as he knew how when one day,  someone came to his door and said to him that the King wanted to see him.

Usually this means death for a former kings son,  but when he arrived the King gave him back his inheritance and brought him to the table. He was lame in both legs and had to be carried to the table. Every time the King ate after this,  Mephibosheth was there too along with all of the other sons of the king.

Jesus said to me invite them to the table and carry them if you need to but bring them up to be with me.

It really isn't about eating and drinking (although those things are amazing). It is God's great desire to restore the spiritually handicapped to his faithful love and goodness! He is wanting to give back something that shouldn't even be attainable.

Invite them to the table

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