Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Is Nineveh Worth Saving?

Its seems to be the most widely spoken opinion (in my circles anyway) that America is in trouble. This may be. We see the elections and how people are voting and we wonder, how can you be so blind to the deceit in some of these people. I have asked these questions and even now wonder, "Will America take advantage of what may be the last mercy of God over our nation as we know it?"

I should explain that a little bit. In this election, I am seeing some very troubling patterns in the leading candidates (You know who they are, they don't need to be mentioned in this blog), and I see one candidate who will help to restore our nation back to our founding principles (cough cough Ted Cruz). I felt like the Lord said that if America wants to survive as the free nation we have been that we have one last chance. If we don't take advantage of this opportunity, I believe the nation we have built up to now is going to fade into a tyrannical oppressive nation. 

So without giving up or conceding victory, lets hypothetically examine what do we do if America elects a wicked leader in this election. The first answer of course is to trust God who says that the heart of a king is like water in his hand. This means that no matter how wicked a king or president, Jesus is still in control. The next question is, how do I live in this wickedness?  We do what God has called us to do. 

Jonah, a prophet of God, was called by God to leave a city of righteousness to go to a great city of wickedness. This city was Nineveh. God said he was going to destroy this city and wanted Jonah to warn them. The only thing I could imagine is that God still wanted to give mercy to this great city. He felt that the city was worth saving if someone would go to them and warn them. Jonah, however, didn't feel that Nineveh was worth saving. Maybe he had some bad experiences with these people. Maybe he heard rumors about this city. Maybe he had great tragedy happen as a result of their wickedness. Whatever the reason, Jonah didn't want to see God rescue the city. He decided to flee in the opposite direction. God pursued Jonah and had to show him mercy to show him how much the city of Nineveh needed saving.

The main point is this. Just because our nation is making wicked decisions doesn't mean God has changed mind about what we are supposed to be doing. What has he called us to do? We are to be salt and light in the place he has called us. We can't leave when it starts to get darker. We might be the only chance the city has of rescue

Regardless of the results of this election, don't flee to the bunker or to a different nation to find refuge. Unpack the rapture bags, because we have a great harvest ahead of us. Step out in faith and be salt and light in the darkness. Who knows, maybe God will have mercy on America. And even if America fades, His kingdom will have no end!

In the mean time, pray for our nation and vote for Ted Cruz (that's right! unashamed plug)

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